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Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities - Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

The motto of the Faculty of Humanities - “Pulchre, bene, recte” (from Latin - “excellent, well, correct”) reflects those challenges we will face in the future.

“We aim to achieve excellence by combining the best classical traditions in University education with current state-of-the-art benefits of technology in higher education”

Head of the Faculty
Vice-Rector of International Cooperation
PhD, Konstantin Losev

The Faculty of Humanities is located in the Chesmenskiy (or Chesme) Palace, which was built in the reign of Russian Empress, Catherine the Great, as a waypost for Imperial court on the road to Tsarskoye Selo. The Palace was designed by the court architect Yuri Felten and as well as the neighboring Felton’s masterpiece Chesme Church shows the influence of the early gothic revival in England.

The Palace was completed in 1777 and named after major naval victory at Chesme Bay (1770) during the Russo-Turkish War. The Round Hall in the central turret was used by Catherine the Great to present the Order of St. George, the highest military honour of Russia, to commanders including Field-Marshals M.Kutuzov and A.Suvorov.

The Palace retained its role until 1830s, when it was turned into an almshouse for veterans wounded in the Napoleonic Wars. Since the Second World War, the Chesmenskiy Palace has been home to part of the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (formerly the Leningrad Aviation Institute).
The famous Chesme, or Green-frog Dinner-Service 2000 pieces set displayed now in the Hermitage Museum was commissioned especially for Chesme palace by Catherine the Great from Wedgwood potteries in Staffordshire, England.

Structure of the Faculty

1. The Department of History and Philosophy;
2. The Department of Advertising and Modern Communications;
3. The Department of Foreign Languages;
4. The Department of Physical Culture and Sports
5. The Oriental Department

1. Linguistics (“Translation and Translation Studies”, “Theoretical and Applied Linguistics”)
2. Political Science
3. Intellectual Systems in the Sphere of Humanities
4. Service and Hospitality
5. Advertising and Public Relations.

Staff: 65% of teaching staff are professors, associate professors, researchers and supervisors for Master’s Degree students

Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs
  • Master’s Degree Programs
  • Further Education Programs
  • Preparatory Courses

Scientific Research

The faculty can be characterized by constant improvement of the system of training students in the sphere of humanities. University management encourages renewal of the structure and contents of the academic syllabus in accordance with Federal Learning Standards, thus providing training programs benefitting from the very latest developments in technology and methodology.
In the Department of Foreign Languages scientific research is conducted in the spheres of translation theory and practice, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, comparative and typological linguistics, linguistic theory, modern European languages, Oriental languages, literary history, stylistics, lexicology, theoretical phonetics, theoretical grammar, and teaching methodology.

Professors of the Department of History and Philosophy in their research work develop the history of the social thought of Russia, multiculturalism in Russian society, problems of interrelation of society and government during various periods of Russian history, structure of political system in Russia, philosophical studies.

In the Department of Advertising and Contemporary Communication scientific research is performed in the sphere of advertising, mass media, modern techniques of communication.
The Department of Physical Education and Sport carries out work on the development of mass sport culture.

International Board

International Board is responsible for developing a strategy of promoting international collaboration in the fields of education and academic research, aiming to support links with international educational community and to perform a wide range of activities both in Russia and abroad.
In the course of training students of the Faculty of Humanities have an opportunity to undertake various internships, to study abroad (the USA, China, France, Italy, etc.), and to take part in international competitions, seminars and conferences.
There is a close collaboration of the Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP), management of the Faculty of Humanities SUAI, and leading training and scientific centers of the People’s Republic of China.

Innovations and technologies

The Faculty of Humanities offers students language laboratory with modern equipment, multimedia class, and lingua class. Students have access to a richly stocked library and internet resources.
Linguists and interpreters’ training includes implementation of innovative multimedia and interactive technologies, thereby enriching resources available for foreign languages and cross-cultural communication. As an example the creation of a virtual language centre for students and lecturers, with its own database for language education and self-study, along with a parallel public information and educational space could be mentioned.
Most recently professors of the Department of foreign languages rose to the challenge of a PC-based language education and network-based pedagogy, combining traditional and innovative methods of language teaching to develop courses equally effective in distance education.
A new Laboratory of Computational Linguistics of SUAI was opened at the Faculty of Humanities with the participation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Well-equipped campuses are located in a quiet area of the SUAI. They offer all modern conveniences for group or individual short and long term lodging, including learning resource centers, the internet and other facilities for training and rest.

We are always glad to meet new students and new partners!

Contact us:

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Tel. +7(812) 494-70-61

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e-mail: secretariat@hf-guap.ru


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