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Устная тема «Моя специальность». Кафедра иностранных языков


  1. Speak about the University of Airospace Instrumentation first and the make up your own topic using the  following questions:
  1. Where did you receive education?
  2. Did you join any scientific (learned) society while at the University?
  3. Where did you take your training in ………….?
  4. When did you graduate from the University?
  5. Where did you come to work after graduation?
  6. What activities are you engaged at present?
  7. In what field if science do you carry on your research?
  8. Are you a theoretician or an experimentalist?
  9. What problem do you investigate?
  10. Who is your scientific supervisor?
  11. Have you already started working at your thesis?
  12. What do you base your experiments (calculations, theoretical considerations) on?
  13. Do you combine theoretical research with applied studies?
  14. How do you plan your experiments?
  15. What kind of research does your department (laboratory) carry on?
  16. Do you work alone or in collaboration with your fellow workers?
  17. Can you tell us what the urgent needs in ……….. are nowadays?
  18. Have you any publications on the subject of your study?



1) Have you attended any scientific conference (congress, symposium)?
2) What problem was it devoted to?

  1. Where and when was it held?
  2. Who was its president?
  3. What was the approximate number of the participants?
  4. Were there any foreign delegates invited and if so, in what way were language difficulties dealt with?
  5. Who lectured in the opening plenary session and what was the subject under discussion?
  6. What was the number of sections at work and how many sessions were usually held simultaneously?
  7. Which of the problems touched upon attracted general attention and why?
  8. How much time were you allowed to develop your subject?
  9. How much time was set aside for discussions? Were the discussions really lively?
  10. Did you take part in one of these discussions?
  11. Were there any interesting tours or excursions arranged for the participants of the conference?
  12. How were the delegates accommodated?
  13. Was there a banquet given to the participants and guests of the conference?
  14. Are you going to attend any other scientific gathering if this kind in the nearest future?


  1. What is the title of the book?
  2. Who edited the book?
  3. Is the editor’s name familiar to you? Is he a well-known editor?
  4. Where and when was the book published?
  5. Who is the book written for?
  6. What is the purpose of the book?
  7. Judging from the review, the book acquaints us with the latest discoveries in …….(science and technology). But according to the date of its publication some information is no longer up-to-date, is it?
  8. Is it corrects to say the  book reviewed is timely?
  9. Does the book contain any introductory part?
  10. Enumerate the subjects dealt with in this book. Which of these subjects are you acquainted with?
  11. Do the chapters contain any summary?
  12. What can you say about the references made in the book?
  13. Under how many headings does the subject matter appear?
  14. How is the book illustrated?
  15. What about the presentation of the material?
  16. Do you think it’s interesting and useful to you?
  17. Does the book contain any original data?
  18. Does the book suffer from any defects (drawbacks, shortcomings) which detract from its value? (misspelling, misprints, mistakes of fact, inadequate references)?
  19. Is bibliography to each chapter useful?


    • First answer questions 1 – 7 in the list given above.
    • How many articles does your collection consist of?
    • Where did the articles originally appear?
    • Are you acquainted with the journal?
    • In what country do most of the contributors live and work?
    • Enumerate the subjects dealt with in the articles. Which of these subjects are you acquainted with?
    • Do articles contain any original data? Is the information up-to-date or out-of-date?
    • Is it correct to say that the articles are timely and will be useful to those working in the field of ……?
    • Are the articles illustrated? What are they illustrated with?
    • Do you think they are interesting and useful to you? Which article (articles) is (are) to be considered especially useful?
    • What about the presentation of the material?
    • Are there any defects (drawbacks, shortcomings) in the articles which detract from their value (misspelling, misprints, mistakes of fact, inadequate references)?
    • Have you studied the list of bibliography to each article? Is bibliography useful to you?